BKG Anniversary Party & Auction Today!!!

BKG 8th Anniversary

Happy Anniverary to the BKG Community!!!  Thank you to all of our amazing and loyal customers over the past eight years that have made this such a rewarding shop to work in.  I can’t imagine a place where the words ‘customer’ and ‘friend’ are so easily interchanged.  Thanks for eight, and I cannot wait to see what Nine has in store for us!

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to drop in today to wish us all a Happy Anniversary!:

1. The Auction: This is going to be our biggest auction ever.  We already have almost 40% more items in this auction than last year!  So drop by at 1pm and start bidding, and then hang around and defend your bids for the live auction at 2pm!

2. The Door Prizes: Our tradition is to offer some sweet door prizes on our Anniversary, and this year is no exception.  Just by walking through the door you get a ballot.  In addition for every $10 you spend today (auction included) we will give you another ballot.  You choose which of the prizes to throw your ballots in, this year’s Door Prizes include:

50.00 BKG Gift Card (2 Winners will be pulled)
MTG From the Vault: Annihilation
40K: Execution Force Board Game

3. Cake: It is no lie.  There will be cake.  Other snacks and goodies too!

4. Open Gaming: There is no specific games scheduled until Legacy this evening.  So bring and play whatever you wish!  This is also a great opportunity to demo your favorite game to a large audience.

5. Hang out with all your friends: BKG is a community, so join all the staff, customers, and other friends you’ve made here and enjoy it!

999. The Parking: The parking at Black Knight is rough at the best of times.  At a major event like this one it can be downright impossible.  Please consider car pooling, busing, walking, or exploring other nearby parking options.  And, remember to leave vacant spots where indicated for our neighbors – we wouldn’t have made it 8 years without great neighbors!

For more info on today’s event check out our earlier post.


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