Warhammer: Mega Battle this Saturday!

WFB End Times The Height of War

For the past several weeks we have been hosting a Warhammer End Times campaign called The End is Nigh.  We’ve had loads of memorable games already, but the campaign has stumbled a little bit in the past weeks as a few people have struggled to get their games in, I have been late posting game info, and overall things have slowed down.

Tomorrow we were set to host our big Week 8 Mega Battle.  Instead, I have decided to postpone the Week 8 event and replace it with a special mega battle and game day called ‘The Height of War’.

This event will include a mega battle, open to everyone – even those unable to play in the campaign.  It will also provide us with a bit of a reset on the campaign.  Hopefully players can take the time to play, and use this meet-up as a good opportunity to play or schedule matches.  It also gives us all more time to get caught up on our games, and in my case, on posting all the needed info!

So join me tomorrow for some Warhammer, and let’s get our campaign rolling again!  Here are the details:

When: Saturday, June 20th, 12:00pm

Entry Fee: None, and the event is open to all Warhammer players!

Bring: 1500pts from the army you are playing in the campaign, or if not in the campaign just bring a 1500pt army.  We will be using the Archaon Army Composition rules – so pretty much anything goes!

Prize: The winning force of the Mega Battle gets a $25.00 BKG Gift Card!

Our End Times campaign is at the Height of War, will you triumph, or fade away?

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