BKG 8th Anniversary Party & Auction

BKG 8th Anniversary

It’s hard to believe, but Black Knight Games has now been open for eight years!  As always we plan on celebrating with our favorite people in the world: you – the BKG customers!  On June 27th we will be hosting an Anniversary Party, along with our always-popular Auction!

Draws: Just by showing up you get a ballot for the draws.  You get an extra ballot for every $10 you spend that day including the auction!

Auction Lot Submission: We are accepting auction lots from customers until 9pm on Friday June 26th, so if there is anything you’d like to unload getting some sweet BKG credit in exchange be sure to bring it in soon!  This is an amazing chance to get rid of old games and miniatures – and you get 100% of the value it sells for in store credit!

Parking: As you probably know our parking lot is not nearly big enough.  Please arrange drop-offs, or car pools when able.  Also please be aware of the few spots that are reserved for our neighbors!

The Auction: This year we will be running a similar auction to last year – one that includes both items from the shop, and items from customers wanting to unload things they not longer need.  Last year went great, and now that it is tried and tested we expect this to be our biggest auction yet!  Be sure to bring your wallets as there will be some great deals available.  The first step is the silent auction at 1pm.  Any items that have received at least two bids by 2pm are advanced to the live auction.

Silent Auction: 1:00pm, All items are available for viewing, and you can bid on any items you want.  If you are the only bid you win, if there are at least two bids it will proceed to the live auction.

Live Auction: 2:00pm Every lot with at least two interested parties will be resolved one at a time through a live auction.

Remember that some items will have a Reserve Bid which means that unless the bidding reaches this hidden number, the lot will not be sold.  Bids are binding, and can only be made in dollar values.

Cake: Of course!


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