WMH: Store Wars Tournament


The second half of the Warmachine & Hordes Store Wars Circuit is about to begin!  The first event of the second half is here, at Black Knight Games!

When: Saturday, May 30th, 10:30am (Registration at 10:00am)

Entry Fee: $20.00

Prizes: There will be a Privateer Press Pin Kit to be awarded to the top three players.  In addition $10/Participant will be put towards a prize pool in BKG credit.

Format: 50pts, 4 Rounds, Steamroller 2015, Deathclock, 2 Lists, Divide & Conquer 1

What is Store Wars?:  Store Wars is a circuit of tournaments put together by five stores in the area.  Players get points towards the standings of the circuit at each event, and at the end of the circuit the Top 16 will be invited to an exclusive Grand Tournament to fight it out for prizes and pride!  You can find out more about Store Wars at storewars.ca.

Points Awarded at this Event: Each player that participates in this tournament will get 1 point just for participating, as well as 2 more points for each win.  There will be a bonus point applied for each player that shows up to play with two fully painted lists.

So get a jump on the second half of the season and get your points in now at the final Black Knight Games Warmachine & Hordes Store Wars event of the season!

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