Assassinorum: Execution Force

Apr25 - 1Next Saturday we will have the new Limited Edition Warhammer 40K Miniature Board Game Assassinorum: Execution Force! This is a similar situation to Space Hulk from a while back, it will be a limited run, and we will likely never get more again – so this is a first come first serve situation.

The game goes for $149.99 CAD, but if you pre-order it by Wednesday, April 29 you will save 10%!

Assassinorum: Execution Force comes with four amazing sculpts for the classic Assassins. They join forces to hunt down and assassinate the Chaos Lord who is protected by cultists and Chaos Marines. The game features all new game mechanics – but of course all the minis are available to use in your normal Warhammer 40,000 games.

If you are interested in using the assassins in 40K games be sure to grab this week’s White Dwarf, which include rules for them!

Once again, this is a limited run, and we’re not getting a ton, so pre-order yours now while you can!
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