MTG: Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease Weekend!

MTG - Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease

It’s that time again: Prerelease Weekend!  Dragons of Tarkir is a very exciting set with two new Planeswalkers, a Reborn Tarkir, and of course the main event – Dragons!  Dragons of Tarkir is a bit special because it is the last ‘Third Set’ Magic will see for a long time.  It is also a better set to invest in than most Third Sets have been since it also begins the new pairs-style rotation, which means the cards will be in Standard for longer than usual.  What better way to begin your exploration of this new set than our always-fun, Prerelease Weekend!?


FNM Standard: Friday, March 20, 5:30pm
FNM Booster Draft: Friday, March 20, 8:30pm

Midnight Release Sealed: Friday night/Saturday morning beginning at 12:00am midnight (Registration 11:30pm)

Sealed Deck #2: Saturday, March 21, 9:00am (Registration 8:30am)
Sealed Deck #3: Saturday, March 21, 2:30pm (Registration 2:00pm)
Two-Headed Giant Sealed #1: Saturday, March 21, 8:00pm (Registration 7:30pm)

Sealed Deck #4: Sunday, March 22, 10:00am (Registration 9:30am)
Two-Headed Giant Sealed #2: Sunday, March 22, 3:00pm (Registration 2:30pm)

Entry Fee: $30.00 ($25.00 for Stronghold Members), or Five Hero’s Rewards

You Get: A Prerelease Pack which includes six boosters: Four Dragons of Tarkir boosters, one Fate Reforged booster, and Seeded Pack that includes your promo card and is geared towards your clan.  Everyone also gets a Hero’s Reward which can be used towards several cool prizes, and a spindown dice.

The Prerelease Packs are each aligned with two-coloured Dragon Clans.  First choice of clans will be given to in order to players in the order they pre-registered/registered for the event.

Prizes: For each participant in our Dragons of Tarkir prereleases we will add 2 Dragons of Tarkir Booster Packs to the prize pool.  Prizes are given to the top players based on their record (example all 5-0s get the same prize, all 4-1s get the same prize etc.).  In addition we will present several door prizes at each event randomly given out to players that complete the tournament.

Tarkir Dragonfury Game: Wizards always likes to make the Prereleases a special event, and to add to everyone’s fun and excitement we have the Dragonfury game.  Dragonfury is a themed bowling-style game where players roll their spindown die in an effort knock over the most points-worth of pieces.  Each player will have 2 chances to roll during the event.  There are some special promo cards to be given out to players that do well, and we will track the overall winner of each prerelease as well as for the entire weekend for additional prizes!

If you would like to practice your Dragonfury throwing-arm you may do so throughout the FNMs leading up the the midnight release!

Prereleases are some of our absolute favorite events.  The atmosphere is always fun, there are so many people all exploring the new set for the first time, the prizes are top-notch, and it just makes for an amazing weekend.  So join in, and good luck!


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