Magic Boot Camp: March Break

MTG - March Break Boot Camp

This March Break Black Knight Games will be running a week-long Boot Camp for Magic: the Gathering.  Our Boot Camp is an affordable way for new players to learn all about the rules, strategies, and deck-building that goes in to the game.

Entry Fee: $40.00

Includes: An Intro Pack (includes 2 Boosters), 3 Additional Booster Packs, 5 Hero’s Reward Cards, and access to our bulk singles collection.

How it Works: Each day in March Break (5 days in all) participants join us from 1pm – 4pm for introduction events to playing, deckbuilding, and drafting.  There will be a staff member on hand to take them through it all and to answer questions.

Day 1 (Mon, Mar 16): Intro packs and game fundamentals. Players will select a Fate Reforged intro deck and learn the fundamentals of playing MTG.

Day 2 (Tue, Mar 17): Open draft of booster packs from into decks. Draft will be face up, one card at a time (Rodchester draft.) Players will learn how to modify their stock deck with new cards and continue playing games.

Day 3 (Wed, Mar 18): Deckbuilding. Players will have access to bulk cards from our stock and learn how to construct a deck using them. Cards will be sorted by colour prior to deckbuilding to help speed the process. Once players have built decks they will have a chance to play games with their new deck.

Day 4 (Thu, Mar 19): Play games and refine decks made on day 3. Players will continue to have access to overstocked cards to refine their decks.

Day 5 Fri, Mar 20): Booster draft.  Players learn to do a proper booster draft by opening 3 packs.

Attendance Bonus: Each participant gets one Hero’s Reward each day (5 Total)

So if you are new to Magic, or feel like you could use a refresher, join us over March Break!

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