Blood Bowl: BKBBL Season 7

Blood Bowl Season 7

Following the success of six amazing seasons of Blood Bowl at Black Knight Games we are proud to announce Season 7!  In Season 6 we saw the Karond Kar Reavers win it all. This year it could be you.

BB Champ Season 7This is a chance for the everyone to get in on the biggest hit since ‘Revenge of the Nerds’.  Season 7 will allow coaches to bring their teams from last season or previous season back for a chance to win a championship. If you’re a new coach or want to bring a new team in don’t worry a lot of coaches have started from scratch and done well. The league won’t have you pitted against the top teams in the league.. unless you’re lucky enough to make the playoffs.

Season 7 will kick off on March 28th.
It will cost $15 dollars if you do not own a pitch and 10$ if you do own a pitch.

The winner of Season 7 will win a special custom BKBBL Champion Board!

Coaches are expected to have their own team and rosters. If you haven’t signed up to the web page or have any questions please contact our Standard Bearer Tim Lawson.

For more information check out our online resources:
The BKBBL Facebook Group

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