Warmachine & Hordes Journeyman League

WMH Journeyman League

Beginning in March and for six weeks following, BKG Warmachine and Hordes players will compete for prizes by earning league points.  We’ve hosted journeyman leagues twice before, but this one promises to be the best yet.  Bring your friends, bring your new faction, bring your old faction, and let’s get back to Warmachine and Hordes basics.

There are three types of league points: Game Points, Hobby Points, and Journeyman Points.  Game Points are earned for playing against other players in the league using that week’s rules.  Hobby Points are earned for painting models.  Journeyman Points are the total of Game Points and Hobby Points.

Each week, rules are set to restrict the size and style of players’ armies.  This helps to encourage an enjoyable environment for players getting used to the rules of the game.  While the league is aimed at that friend you’ve always wanted to teach warmachine to, it’s also perfect for a seasoned player to become an expert at the game essentials.  We have a ton of new or returning players this time, so try to play games against players you’ve never played before.  You cannot score a game against the same opponent twice in a row.

sm BK Steampunk v2How does it work?  You may play games any day of the week.  Each week the size of games played increases:

March 5th – March 11th
Battlegroup box set.  We are allowing any of the alternate battle boxes discussed in the league document, but no custom battle boxes.

March 12th – March 18th
15 point armies using all the contents of the week 1 battle box.

March 19th – March 25th
25 point armies using all the contents of the week 1 battle box.

March 26th – April 1st 
25 point armies using all the contents of the week 1 battle box, but may include a warcaster swap.

April 2nd – April 8th
35 point armies using all the contents of the week 1 battle box, but may include a warcaster swap.

April 9th – April 16th (finale day)
35 point armies, and the list may be changed as much as you want all week

At the end of the six week league we’ll be giving out special Journeyman Badges to everyone achieving certain point levels, as well as badges for most hobby points, most game points, and top overall.

How do I earn Game Points?  Each win in a given week is worth 3 points, and a loss or a draw is worth 2 points.   You may play as many games in a week as you can fit in, but players may not score points for a game played against the same opponent until he plays a different opponent.

journeyman2014How are Hobby Points earned?  Players earn Hobby Points for painting models from their faction in the league.  These models do not have to be used at any time during a league game.  For a painted model to score Hobby Points, it must primed, basecoated, painted with a reasonable diversity of colour, and based.  Models are worth differing points based painting requirements as follows:

  • Warcasters, warlocks, warbeasts, warjacks, and solos: 3 points for a large-based model, 2 points for medium-based model, and 1 point for small-based model
  • Battle engines: 5 points
  • Colossals and gargantuans: 7 points
  • Units of two models: 2 points
  • Units of three to six models: 3 points
  • Units of seven or more models: 4 points
  • Units of only medium-based models: 1 additional point
  • Units of only large-based models: 2 additional points

How much does this cost to play?  $6 ($5 for Stronghold Members).

I still have questions.  Who do I ask?  A lot of the details are listed on the league document, but for anything not listed there, feel free to email me:  Tim (at) BlackKnightGames (dot) com

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