MTG: Casual Mondays

MTG Casual Mondays

Every Monday at Black Knight Games we have sanctioned casual pick-up games of Magic: the Gathering.  Beginning in March 2015 we will begin give Mondays a little more attention with organized weekly events in various casual Magic formats!  Players will always be welcome to play pick-up games, but now they will have the option of playing in an organized event as well.  We will be offering many formats to keep players on their toes including:

MTG Commander2The most popular casual format, Commander (also known as EDH) is a singleton format where players make a 100 card deck including a Commander (or General).  All of the rules for Commander can be found on the Commander Website.  We will run Commander in several formats including normal 1 0n 1, multiplayer, and Duel (the rules can be found HERE).

MTG - Tiny LeadersOne of the newest formats players are playing is Tiny Leaders, a Commander variant where players cannot include any cards with a converted mana cost of more than 3, and decks are only 50 cards.  This format makes for quicker matches (typically) than Commander, and strays away from many of the better cards in Commander.  The rules for Tiny Leaders can be found HERE.

MTG - Cube DraftCube is a format where a collection of open singleton cards are used to create draft packs.  Players then draft from these packs in the same way as a Booster Draft.  Each cube collection is different making each one its own unique game experience.  You can learn more about cube drafting at, and at Wizards’ Casual Format Page.  Since we need to have a Cube in order to run one of these events, and Cubes are often expensive investments, we will only run a Cube draft when a player volunteers the use of their Cube.  If you would like to volunteer your cube let us know, and we can schedule a Cube Draft event!

MTG - Jank DraftA Jank Draft is similar to a Cube draft in that we take a pre-set collection of cards and make draft packs for players to draft with.  The big difference is that these cards will be taken from our massive collection of bulk commons, uncommons, and rares.  In a Jank Draft we will design draft packs from our collection in advance, and players get to keep the cards they draft!  These cards will typically be of very little value, but it does allow players to play with older cards that are rarely ever used – making for a unique challenge.

So join us every Monday to try out these, and other, casual magic formats!

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