Warhammer: Monumental End Times League

End Times Campaign

We will be embarking on our most ambitious league ever.  The End is Nigh will be a Warhammer Fantasy league that seeks to put the End Times story arc in your hands.  Take on the roll of one of the most important players in the End Times and do your part to doom the world.

When: Players will have some time to plan out their forces, and register.  We don’t want to begin until the final Ends Times book has been released, and it will take some time to make each player a personalized league packet.  This league will not begin for a couple of months most likely, but we do need to begin planning it now.

How it will work: The End is Nigh will be a story-based league, allowing players to recreate the End Times story.  Each player will be given a league packet that includes all their prerequisites for the campaign.  The player playing as Nagash for example might be required to have 4000pts of Undead Legions troops, the Nagash and Manfred miniatures, and be available to play eight times during the eight week league.  The packet will list their opponents each week, as well as the scenario they will play, and what consequences the results will have.  It will be up to the individual players to select a time to play together, there is not set time.  Each week we will have a campaign update release showing the progress of the globe-spanning war.

Entry Fee: $20.00 ($10.00 for Stronghold Members)

Registration: Each player can now register to participate.  When a player registers they indicate which characters they are able and willing to play as.  They also indicate how involved they wish to be in the league.  Players indicate if they want to be very active, committing to a game every week for ten weeks, fairly active committing to 6-8 games over 10 weeks, or an occasional participant with only 4 games over 10 weeks.  With this information we will assign roles to each participant.

Registration Deadline: If you wish to be a part of the most impressive league we’ve ever run for any game, you will need to register by February 28th!

Possible Roles & Requirements: The following is a list of all the available rolls.  The list is divided in to four tiers, and characters will be used from the more important tiers first based on the number of participants.  Please pay close attention to the following roles and their requirements, and let us know all of the ones you would be able to commit to, as well as your favorites:

End Times Roles

So if this kind of epic campaign appeals to you, sign up now and give us a chance to plan it out and make it truly amazing!


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