40K Tournament: Unfair in Love & War

40K Unfair in Love and War

When: Saturday, February 7th, 11;00am (Registration 10:30am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 ($16.00 for Stronghold Members)

Armies: All players bring three detachments, one main ‘Combined Arms’ detachment worth 1000pts which is your main army.  Each players also brings two 500pt Allied Contingents from armies they are able to ally with (may be the same army in both allied detachments).  Armies must be Battleforged only, and the main ‘Combined Arms’ force may include up to 300pts worth of Lords of War and Fortifications if they wish (Allied Contingents may not).  Otherwise follow the rules for army construction on our Tournament Page.

Gameplay: 3 Rounds, Each round after showing each other their three army lists both players select and reveal which one Allied Contingent they will use, adding it to their Combined Arms detachment creating a 1500pt army.

Bonus Points: Bonus points are awarded to fully painted and based armies, with display boards.  Bonus points are also given to players that bring all their rulebooks, gaming accessories like dice/templates/measuring tape, and for bringing two copies of their army lists.  So bring all these to score as much as possible!

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