MTG: FNM Clarification & Midnight Prerelease Tonight!

MTG FNMJust a clarification about times for tonight’s FNM events.  We mistakenly posted different times for the events on the calendar and on the main page.  Tonight’s Standard tournament will begin at the usual 6:00pm time.  The Booster Draft will begin later at 8:30pm since we will be able to run it until midnight.  This should allow players to play in both if they wish.


MTG Fate Reforged

The Fate Reforged Prerelease Weekend begins tonight with our Midnight Prerelease event!  We have six events total throughout the weekend, so be sure to join in as many of those as you wish.  We also have a bonus Heros Reward Card for anyone that preregisters for at least one event – so make sure to do that if you want the bonus!

All the details for the Fate Reforged Prerelease Weekend can be found HERE.  Have fun, and good luck!

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