Hiring: Part-Time Sales Associate

Sign - Now RecruitingWe are now hiring for a part-time sales associate.  If you are interested please submit a resume before January 23rd, and if you have already submitted a resume this year please remind us if you are still interested by giving us a new one.

Position: Part-Time (8-16 Hours to start)

Availability: It is very important that you have flexible availability, and that you are able to specifically work Saturdays.

Requirements: We are looking for an enthusiastic and social person that has retail/work experience (ideally 2+ years).  Job requirements include being able to comfortably talk with customers, gaining and retaining product knowledge, being comfortable running events for large numbers of players, and contributing to the maintenance and cleanliness of the store.

Please bear in mind that working at a games store is a really appealing job to a lot of people, and we get a very large number of applicants for these kinds of positions but can only hire one.  So, if you think you are the prefect fit for the Black Knight Team, please apply.

Submit resumes in person or to jay (at) blackknightgames (dot) ca
Please include a cover letter explaining why you would be a good fit at a games store.

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