Magic: the Gathering Fate Reforged Prerelease Weekend

MTG Fate Reforged Prerelease

The second set in the Khans of Tarkir block is almost here, and we have an entire weekend prepared to celebrate and launch the newest set: Fate Reforged!

Details: We will be hosting six Prerelease Events over the weekend beginning with a Midnight Prerelease on the night of Friday, January 16th.  All six events will be Sealed Deck tournaments, two of which will also be Two-Headed Giant.

sm BK Playing CardsEvent Details & Times:

Midnight Release: Friday Jan 16th at Midnight, Sealed Deck

Prerelease 2: Saturday, Jan 17th at 9:00am (8:30am Registration), Sealed Deck

Prerelease 3: Saturday, Jan 17th at 2:30pm (2:00pm Registration, Sealed Deck

Prerelease 4: Saturday, Jan 17th at 8:00pm (7:30pm Registration), Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck

Prerelease 5: Sunday, Jan 18th at 10:00am (9:30am Registration), Sealed Deck

Prerelease 6: Sunday, Jan 18th at 3:00pm (2:30pm Registration), Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck

Entry Fee: All tournaments are $30.00 ($25.00 for Stronghold Members)

What You Get: All participants get a Sealed Prerelease Pack in their favorite colours (while supplies last) which includes 4 Fate Reforged Boosters, 1 Khans of Tarkir Booster, and 1 Seeded Booster in their colours which will also include an exclusive Prerelease promo card.  All participants will also get a Hero’s Reward card for each tournament they participant in, and a bonus Hero’s Reward if they preregister for at least one!  Anyone that attends all size events gets a bonus Hero’s Reward as well for being ‘The Ironman’.

Prize Pool & Door Prizes: For each participant in the tournament we will add two Fate Reforged Booster Packs to the prize pool (which may be swapped if you want for $4.00 credit each).  The prize pool will be distributed among the top players evenly based on their records (all 5-0 players get the same prize, all 4-1 players get the same prize, all 3-1-1 players get the same prize).  We will also be randomly giving out plenty of door prizes which will include Booster Packs, Hero’s Reward cards, and other fun items.

So join in our Prerelease Weekend madness and play the new set before it’s even released!

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