WPN Down & Join me for Gaming today!

Two quick notes today for the weekend:

MTG FNMYesterday the entire Wizards Play Nework crashed.  We still don’t know exactly what the cause was, or how wide-spread it was – but it does seem like all the other stores in at least Ontario were affected.  This was discovered right as we were about to run our Friday Night Magic events for 52 players!  Obviously there were some panicked moments for us while we attempted to both get it up and running (didn’t happen) and to find a decent alternative to at least get the games going.

I just wanted to extend the gamers that played here last night one more heartfelt thank you.  We didn’t hear any grumbles, any blame-gaming, or anything out of you other than patience and understanding – and I was very impressed and thankful.  It was thanks to you all that we were able to get things on track so quickly, and once we had switched over to manual-mode things went very smoothly and we even finished on time!

We will find out very soon what went wrong, and I’m sure things will be up and running in no time.  We will certainly be submitting our full results manually (ugghhh!) but fear not we will certainly get you the Plansewalker points you have earned.  Thanks again – you guys rock!


Board Game Potluck

After the stressful night we had last night I am so thankful to have an easy-going event today!  Join me for fun, food, and games today any time between 12pm-6pm for our Board Game Potluck!  I will be here playing board games of all sorts, showing off some new ones, and teaching people to play others.  It will be a great way to close out the Holiday Break so bring some food to share – or just pitch in for some pizza and play some games with me!

Happy New Year!


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