Two Big Sunday Events

Tomorrow we have a couple of amazing options for you to spend some of those holiday hours gaming:  The Hammer Hunger X-Wing Charity Event, and the Warhammer One Day Double Blind event!  Check out the details:

X-Wing Hammer Hunger 2014

Date: Sunday December 28th

Format: 100 pts Standard 3′ x 3′ play area

Time: 11:00- 5:30

Entry fee:  $10/$8 Stronghold members or waived entirely if more than $10 in various donation shenanigans are purchased (see below).

This event will be four rounds and will follow the standard rules from the SWX rulebook and the current FAQ’s and Tournament Rules.

This is a special event and I would like the focus to be on two things: first that the proceeds of this event all go to the Hamilton Food Share, second as the event is geared around the idea of gaming for a good cause I would like these games to be more about having a good time and less about the competitive atmosphere. This is not to say these aren’t going to be challenging games as this tournament may take you out of your normal comfort zone.

The Hook: That’s right there is always a catch.  For the full Hammer Hunger event Packet CLICK HERE!


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One Day Double Blind

Date: Sunday December 28th

Format: Everyone brings a legal 2000 point list (End Times rules are now standard as are the armies that the books introduce). Then you split that list into two 1000 point warbands to be used in a one day map campaign.

Entry Fee: FREE!

Rumor has it that a powerful artifact capable of severely weakening Nagash has been unearthed somewhere in the land of Khemri. The armies of the world are now racing to the deserts to try and find and use it for their own purposes be they noble or nefarious in nature.

The players will be searching an area of the ancient kingdom to try and find this artifact among the many other comparatively useless  trinkets and baubles that are scattered throughout the sands.

Winning battles gets you clues to which artifact is the real deal, certain map points will hold artifacts whoever has the correct piece at the very end is the winner.

As it is triumph and treachery based there is much opportunity for teaming up and backstabbing. Ideally since there are 1000 points involved everyone will get to play at least 3 games and hopefully 4.

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