Boxing Day Sales

Boxing Day Blowouts

We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!  For all of those that got some cash or BKG gift cards this Christmas we have the perfect way for you to use them with this year’s Boxing Day Blowouts!  These items will be on sale for very low prices until the end of the weekend, or until the sell out!

Item Normal Price Boxing Day Price
Magic: the Gathering: Commander Deck – Peer Through Time (Blue) $34.99 $24.99
Board Game: Pandemic – The Cure $49.99 $39.99
Board Game: Panamax $64.99 $39.99
Board Game: Galaxy Trucker $74.99 $49.99
Infinity: Campaign Paradiso Book $53.99 $29.99
Dungeons & Dragons: DM Guide $57.99 $44.99
Warhammer: Lizardmen Bastiladon $62.99 $29.99
Warmachine: Prime Rulebook $29.99 $22.99
Warmachine: Mercs Galleon Colossal $134.99 $99.99
Hordes: Skorn Mammoth Gargantuan $134.99 $99.99
Hordes: Trollkin Long Riders $109.99 $74.99
Hordes: Circle Orboros Battlegroup $49.99 $39.99
Game Range: All Pulp City Miniatures $Varies 50% OFF
Game Range: All 1st Edition Malifaux Miniatures 20% OFF 50% OFF
Game Range: All Dark Potential Miniature Sets $59.99 $19.99
Game Range: All Dystipian Wars Miniatures $Varies 30% OFF
Game Range: All Cars & Planes Miniatures/Games $Varies 30% OFF
Game Range: All Firestorm Armada Miniatures $Varies 50% OFF
Game Range: All Uncharted Seas Miniatures $Varies 50% OFF
Game Range: All Banelegions & Banebeasts $Varies 50% OFF
Games Workshop: Water Mugs $19.99 $7.99

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