Malifaux Mondays

MAL Primer League

Join us every Monday in December to play Malifaux, and to help you get your crew in order for the big Malifaux Campaign in the new year!

How Does it Work?:

Every player will receive 5 League points for each night they attend with bonus points available throughout the event.  At the end of the event the player with the most league points will receive a Miss ery Model! Additional prizes will be available based on participation.

Dec. 1st – Week 1: Forces assemble- Players will meet to talk about their crews, assemble and paint models, and play in a short scenario.

Players participating in this event can save $5.00 on the purchase of a crew box

Dec. 8th – Week 2: Crews Collide- Players will join in a multiplayer scenario using Minion models from their collection

Bonus League points to the player with the last model standing

Dec. 15th – Week 3: Henchman Havoc- Players will play a 20ss game with assigned Schemes and Scenario

Bonus League points to anyone playing with a fully painted crew

Dec. 22nd – Week 4: Oh Hanging Tree- Masters face off to control one of Malifaux’s best recognized landmarks

1 Bonus league point for each turn a player’s model controls the Hanging Tree objective

Dec. 29th – Week 5: Graduation Day- Players will be playing games of Malifaux at 30ss.

Bonus league points for the first time a player wins a scenario or kills an enemy Leader model.

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