Dicemasters Tournament this Sunday!

Dicemasters Tournament Dec7

This Sunday Black Knight Games will be hosting our first ever tournament for the hottest new game at BKG: Dicemasters!

When: Sunday, December 7th, 12:00pm, Registration at 11:30am

Entry Fee: $15.00, Stronghold Members get in for $12.00, Entry Fee includes 10 sealed packs

Format: Sealed/Constructed Hybrid.  Each player brings 2 Basic Actions and 4 Character/Action Cards with up to 3 dice each (or up to the maximum – whichever is lowest).  Then they add the 10 packs they open to their eligible cards choosing up to 8 eligible cards and and 20 corresponding dice.  For full format details check out the WizKidz site.

Prizes: For each participant we will add $5.00 Credit to the prize pool, which will be split up among the winners.

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