X-Wing Furball Free For All

X-Wing Furball Free for All


When: Sunday, November 30th, 11:00am (Registration 10:30am)

Entry Fee: $5.00 ($4.00 for Stronghold Members)

Special Format: Furball Free For All

Games: The tournament will consist of 3 90 minute rounds, where up to 6 players per 3′ x 3′ play area all zoom around shooting each other up for fun and points! Scoring as follows 10 pts per Shield or Damage done, 25 pts per Critical Landed and 45 pts per mini squad eliminated from the game.

Forces: Each player brings a stable of THREE 40 pt mini squads that can consist of 1 to 3 ships each. Each mini squad can be of either faction but they may not use the same Pilot more than once. Wave 5 Ships and Upgrades will be permitted for this event -self printed cards and dials will be permitted if you don’t own the new stuff yet.

How it Works: The 6 Asteroids are evenly distributed amongst the players for deployment no closer than Range 2 from the edge or Range 1 from each other. In a case where their is an odd Asteroid the large one is placed dead centre of the mat.

Players deploy in ascending Pilot Skill with the back of their base flush with the edge order no closer than Range 3 from another player’s ship.

In Ascending Pilot Skill Order (from lowest in the squad) at the end of the End Phase players can opt to switch out their current squad for another in their stable in the closest possible position. The removed squad cannot return to play. If a player loses all the ships in their squad in a round, the following round they may deploy another squad from their stable along any edge with the back of the base flush against the edge no closer than Range 3 to any other players ships.

If a player loses all the ships from all 3 squads in their stable they’re out of the game.

Combat and Movement are resolved in regular Pilot Skill order. In case of tied Pilot Skill, Squad with fewest points has the Initiative and goes first. In case of TIE flip a coin and the winner of the coin toss will have Initiative for that squad for the duration of the game.

Winner of the tournament will have accumulated the most points over all 3 rounds.

Players do need to bring their own Pilot and Upgrade Cards, Tokens and Damage Deck. It is recommended to bring your own dice and movement templates, but players may use the other players for the sake of limiting clutter.

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