Heroclix Events for December


This December we have three Heroclix evenings for you (since we are closed on Christmas Day).

Thu, Nov 27 Heroes VS Villains 300pts, Silver Age $5.00/ $4.00 for Stronghold Members Players must bring 2 teams of equal value. 6pm – 10pm
Thu, Dec 4 A Long, Long Time Ago… 400pts, Golden Heroic $5.00/ $4.00 for Stronghold Members Must be based on pre-1970 comics 6pm – 10pm
Thu, Dec 11 In a Galaxy Far, Far Away… 1200pts, 6 Actions, Modern $5.00/ $4.00 for Stronghold Members Must be a NAMED theme, and include 1 character from another planet. 6pm – 10pm
Thu, Dec 18 What You See is What You Get 400pts Sealed $30.00/ $25.00 for Stronghold Members 2 Boosters of Sealed Flash 6pm – 10pm

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