Demo Day 2014

Demo Day 2014

UPDATE: It’s Demo Day!  We have so much great stuff for the Goody Box this year including stuff for: Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, Magic, Warmachine & Hordes, Malifaux, Heroclix, Dicemasters, X-Wing, Star Trek Attack Wing, Android: Netrunner, Dropzone Commander, Infinity, Flames of War, Dungeons & Dragons, Blood Bowl, Dreadball, Kaijudo, Legend of the Five Rings, The Hobbit, and more!  Be sure to drop in and grab your Goody Box today, and wander around trying a bunch of great games.  Demo Day is one of my favorite days of the year, and this year should not disappoint!

Our annual Demo Day in November is always one of our most popular events of the year at Black Knight Games.  This Saturday players will drop in and get a great Goody Box full of samples, coupons, and giveaways for over a dozen different games.  We will have a ton of volunteers around to show them how to play all kinds of different games.  Basically it’s the best time of the year to try new games, because you can try a bunch at once, then you can use the coupons and goodies in the Goody Box to help you get in to the games you like the best!

When: Saturday, November 22nd, 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Entry Fee: $10.00

You Get: The BKG Goody Box (packed with hundreds of dollars worth of stuff), a free ballot for the Demo Day Draws,  and access to all of the demonstration games.

Demo Day Draws: We will be drawing for a free $50.00 Black Knight Games gift card, as well as some other fun prizes.

Game Demonstrations:
We will have several stations where a BKG staff member, Standard Bearer, or volunteer will be running a games demonstration.  Simply go up to them and ask to play and they will teach you the basics for the game.  In addition to that they will give you another ballot for the Demo Day Draws!

Stay tuned for more info on the contents of the Demo Day Goody Box, and all the games we will be featuring!

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