MTG: Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier


The Pro Tour Qualification system for Magic: the Gathering has changed.  Now instead of a few Pro Tour Qualifiers (PTQs) a year there will be many more local-level Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers (PPTQ) that seed an invite-only Regional Pro Tour Qualifier.  This December Black Knight Games is proud to be running our fist PPTQ!

When: Saturday, December 27th, 12:00pm, Registration at 11:30am

Entry Fee: $25.00 ($20.00 for Stronghold Members), Alternatively you can redeem 6 Hero’s Reward Cards to gain entry.

Format: Standard, Cut to Top 8

Rules Enforcement Level: Competitive, so please check the MTG Tournament Rules if you are unsure of how this will affect the games.  There will be a Level 2 judge on hand for the event.

Prizes: The winner of the PPTQ gets an exclusive invitation to attend a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier tournament.  Additionally we will be adding $20 in store credit to the prize pool per participant.  The prize pool will be distributed among the Top 8 players based on how they finish in the top 8.  The Top 8 will also all win a free Hero’s Reward card.  Additional door prizes will be randomly awarded as well.

Entry is limited so please pre-register if possible by either calling in to the store at (905) 296-3401, or dropping by in person.  For full details on the PPTQs go HERE.



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