40K: Brothers in Arms Doubles Tournament

40k - Brothers in Arms Doubles

When: Sunday, November 23rd, 11:00am, Registration at 10:30am

Entry Fee: $20.00 ($16.00 for Stronghold Members) / Player

Armies: Players register as teams of two, with each player building a 1250pts Army.  No Lords of War, No Escallation units, up to 200pts/player in Stronghold Assault

Don’t Forget Your: Army list, Codex & Rulebook, Dice & Templates, Awesome Team Name

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to the team that is the Best Generals, the Best Painted, the Best Sportsmanship, and the Best Overall, Bonus Prize for the team with the Best Team Name!

So find a Brother you can trust, and take up Arms together!

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