Blood Bowl: Blingtoof Gitbash Tournament

Blood Bowl Blingtoof

This year, Blingtoof’s Gitbash is going to be taking place at Black Knight Games in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on the weekend of November 15-16, 2014. The tournament will be five games over two days with three games on Saturday and two games on Sunday. Entry to the tournament will cost $20. Local “Stronghold” Members (Black Knight’s Loyalty program) will enjoy a discounted tournament entry fee of $16. So warm up your kickin’ boots and get ready for some goblin-filled fouling mayhem!

Rules Overview

Blingtoof’s Gitbash is a tournament with a theme of goblins and fouling. Check out the 2014 Tournament Rules PDF for full details and most recent rules but here are some highlights of what the tournament is all about:

  • All teams must have at least one goblin on them; all teams not ordinarily allowed to purchase goblins may purchase as many goblins as they like and teams with goblins as a player type may purchase as many of those goblins as they like (this does not include Secret Weapons).
  • This is a resurrection-style tournament with a 1140 TV build with a skill pack.
  • Teams that do not have at least three goblins on them may not give Big Guys upgrades other than normal skills.
  • The team that does the most fouling will receive the 2nd place trophy, regardless of win/loss record.
  • Special tournament rules allow for sneaking extra goblin players on to the pitch from your reserve.

More info on this year’s Gitbash are available at:

The Blingtoof Gitbash Facebook Page
The NAF Blingtoof Page
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