FNM: Conspiracy Draft & Special Items


This Friday for FNM in addition to the Standard event at 6pm we will be running a Conspiracy Booster Draft instead of the normal Booster Draft.  Conspiracy is running out at the distributors and we may not get another chance to run one, so join in tomorrow for what will likely be our last Conspiract Booster Draft!  The price and prizes remain the same as a normal booster draft.


For a limited time we will be offering some very exclusive products that are sold out pretty much everywhere!  We have a few booster boxes of Modern Masters.  Individual packs are $16.99, or you can buy a full box for $399.99.

We also just made available a handful of From the Vault: Twenty  sets.  These are limited exclusively to Stronghold Members (one per Stronghold Member, two per Red Card Member) and are available for $149.99.

Needless to say these items are extremely rare at this point, and it is first come first serve.

MTG FTV 20MTG Modern Masters

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