Adjustment on Food & Beverage Pricing

After taking a closer look at our snack prices and costs we have reluctantly decided that we need to make an adjustment to the prices of the snacks and drinks offered at Black Knight Games.  It is, and has always been our goal to make the snacks and drinks that we offer a convenience and a perk especially for our members.  We have carefully looked at the prices and costs associated with each item, and what is charged in other areas nearby, to ensure that our prices are competitive and that our Stronghold Members are still getting the best deal possible with their discount.  We have decided to raise the price of chips, pop, and energy drinks by twenty-five cents.  Candy bars, and juices will increase by fifty cents.  Stronghold Members, as always, will continue to get their discount on all food items.

We hope everyone understands that it is always our goal to offer an amazing in-store gaming experience, we will continue to offer customers the treys for food, cups and utensils to use, the use of our microwave, and of course we will continue to permit outside food and beverages.  We have a free water-cooler and offer our bottled water at about half the price of competitors nearby because we recognize that gamers need refreshment during a tournament, or long day of gaming.

We endeavor to always have competitive pricing on everything in store.  We had to make this adjustment to enable us to continue offering an excellent selection of snacks and beverages (before now we were actually losing money on the candy bars sales!).  We thank you for your understanding, if anyone has any questions or concerns please let Jay know.


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