Dropzone Commander Call to Arms

DZC Call to Arms 2014

With the new Resistance faction coming out, and the new plastic starters for the other four factions there has never been a better time to start Dropzone Commander.  To help out all the new players we will be running a Call to Arms event for Dropzone Commander beginning November 1st!

Registration: You can register and begin working on the army right away, officially we begin on Saturday, November 1st.

Goal: The goal of each participant is to complete a fresh fully painted 1000pt Dropzone Commander army by the deadline of 12pm, Sunday, December 14th.

Entry Fee: $100.00

You Get: $100.00 credit to put towards building your army, which can include Dropzone Commander product, as well as other hobby supplies you may need like glue, paints, and rulebooks.

Victory Pool: In addition to the credit towards the army Black Knight Games will add $20.00 towards a Victory Pool for each and every participant!  On the deadline anyone that has completed the goal gets to split the Victory Pool evenly!  Yes, we actually pay you to finish your army!

Weekly Gaming: Throughout the Call to Arms event there will be a weekly gaming night with special scenarios to get everyone playing Dropzone Commander together.  You will get the chance to see others’ armies taking shape while you work on yours, and by the end of Call to Arms there will be a great new DZC gaming community at Black Knight Games!

Build On an Existing Force: You are allowed to use miniatures you already own to flush out your Call to Arms army, as long as they are not yet painted.  To use existing miniatures you must either show them to a staff member or the Standard Bearer (Steve) in person or by emailing a picture so that we can see that they aren’t done yet.

The Resistance has surfaced, it is time to pick a side.  Heed this Call to Arms today!

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