Doubling Season – FNMs at BKG


The Magic community at Black Knight Games is growing by leaps and bounds, and we are doing our very best to keep up with it all.  We are proud to say that we have taken many steps to address our events, and have listened closely to our community to make adjustments for the better.  We have grown our singles selection considerably.  And now we are taking yet another step forward.  Beginning tomorrow, we will be running two FNM tournaments each and every Friday.

Tournament 1: Standard, Every Friday at 6pm, 4 Rounds, ends at roughly 9:30pm

Tournament 2: Booster Draft, Every Friday at 7pm, 3 Rounds in Pods, ends at roughly 10:30pm (participants remain after normal closing hours until the event is done)

The way we run these events, and the prize structure has not changed, but now rather than alternating every Friday between Standard and Draft we will run both.  This is a trial month, so if you have any feedback about the timing, or other organizational details please let us know.  Next month we may decide to make adjustments, but for now this is the plan.  The reasons for this plan are simply to allow players some flexibility in when to attend, to give those that really prefer either draft of standard their favorite format each week, and to allow a player that loses in the first game of the Standard event the option to drop and join the second event.

So join us this Friday and pick your favorite event!


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