MTG Grand Prix Trial: Ottawa

MTG GTP Ottawa

When: Sunday, November 2nd, 11:00am.  Registration begins at 10:30am

Entry Fee: $40.00 ($35.00 for Stronghold Members)

Format: Sealed Deck – Khans of Tarkir, Cut to top 8.  Top 8 Draft and split the prize pool.  REL – Competitive.

Prizes: All participants get a Hero’s Reward card which can be used on a variety of prizes.  We will also put $10.00 in credit in to the prize pool for each participant.  The top 8 get three KTK Boosters for the draft, and split the prize pool based on performance in the top 8 booster draft.  The winner of the tournament gets 2 byes at the Grand Prix: Ottawa event, as well as…

BKG Pays Your Way!: In addition to these great prizes Black Knight Games will provide the winner of the GPT with up to $300.00 in Travel & Accommodations to help you make it to Ottawa!  It is up to the winner arrange the use of this money through Black Knight Games, whether it be for hotel, train, car rental, or flight.

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