Malifaux: Bayou Brawl

Malifaux Bayou Brawl

It’s an old fashioned Royal Rumble in the Bayou! The toughest, meanest men and beasts this side of the breach will duke it out to settle once and for all who is the greatest fighter this side of the breach!

When: Sunday, September 28th, 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Entry Fee: Free!

Event Details:

Each player will bring a 15ss crew led by a Henchman. At the beginning of the event each player will select one Henchman or Enforcer from his or her crew to enter the Royal Rumble in the center of the table. All other models will be spread out around the centre ring to watch the action.

Fighters in the center ring will only be able to take Ml and non-projectile Ca actions while in the ring. Any model reduced to 0 wounds or pushed out of the ring is sacraficed immediately by it’s owner. When there is only one fighter left standing all other models will peacefully leave the arena….that is unless someone yells “cheat!”

New Players:

This event isn’t just for established Malifaux players.  If you’ve always wanted to try the game out, but don’t have any miniatures of your own, we will have some on hand for you to use – a great introduction to the game!

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