Space Hulk Limited Run – Special Promotional Deal

Space Hulk 2.0

The newest edition of Space Hulk was released five years ago and was a resounding hit.  Games Workshop released it as a limited run, and it flew off shelves.  It was the top selling board game at Black Knight Games in 2009, and until recently copies of Space Hulk 3rd Edition were selling on eBay for over $300.oo a pop!  Last Week Games Workshop announced another very limited run of Space Hulk with a few new additions and goodies in it.  This newest edition will only be out for a week, and has been allocated very tightly.

A Thank You Promotion for Stronghold Members

As a special thank you to our most loyal customers we are saving all of our copies of Space Hulk for sale to our Stronghold Members.  There are still only a very limited number of copies available (we’re only getting 1/4 the number we got in 2009), so it will be first come first serve.  Space Hulk sells for $149.99 Canadian.

A Massive Throw-In Deal

While a chance to get an amazing and long out-of-print game is pretty great in it’s own right we will be giving a FREE copy of Dreadfleet in with every Space Hulk we sell.  So you get two games, that retailed at over $100 each, for the price of one.  Dreadfleet was another limited edition game by Games Workshop from a few years ago about battles on the high-seas of the Warhammer world.


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