Nagash is Risen!

Undead Rising Final



Our 24-Hour Army Build Event was a massive success. We had participants assembling, painting, and basing for 24-hours straight. Some popped in for an hour, others much, much longer (or in the case of Brad the entire 24-Hour event!), but it was the collective of all participants that made the event amazing. Thank you very much to everyone that participated, and to everyone that donated as well.

So on to the results of all our labour. After starting with nothing but sealed product, over 24 hours we were able to:

-Fully Paint 9,787 points worth of Undead Legions! That’s 261 models fully painted, about half of which were based as well.
-Fully Assemble/partially paint an additional 1406 points that we couldn’t quite finish.

Wow! Way to go everyone, that is amazing! You can have a chance to fight with/against this massive new Legion of Nagash tomorrow Sunday) at 12pm when we play our mega-battle against the horde.

This event was in sponsorship of a great cause: Crohn’s and Colitis Canada. Black Knight Games pledged to donate $25 for every 1000 points completed, so with that pledge and others that we collected from generous donors our event raised $385.00!

Thank you once again to everyone that made this event possible, including Games Workshop who worked with us to get all these miniatures piled up for the army build. You guys rock!

photo 1 (1)Hard at Work Assembling Early Onphoto 2 (1)photo 2photo 3 (1)photo 3photo 4 (1)photo 4

Hard at Work Assembling Early On


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