Hero’s Rewards Program

CardFrontWe are continuing our very popular Hero’s Reward program for Magic: the Gathering events at Black Knight Games.  The Hero’s Reward cards and the Event Reward cards have been updated to match the upcoming Khans of Tarkir set.  We have also created a new webpage (blackknightgames.ca/hero) as a permanent place to explain the Hero’s Reward program to all our participants.

The first chance you will have to grab the new-look Hero’s Rewards will be at the Pre-Release weekend for Khans of Tarkir later this month.  Don’t forget that you will get one Hero’s Reward for every Pre-Release event you attend, a bonus Hero’s Reward for pre-registering, and a further bonus if you attend all six events!

Please note: All Hero’s Rewards will always be honoured, not just the current one.  So hold on to them as long as you want to save for your preferred reward!

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