Undead Rising: The 24-Hour Army Build

WFB Undead Rising

Killed first by Alcadizaar, King of Khemri, yet still he stirs.  Killed second by Sigmar, patriarch and founder of the Empire, and yet still he awakens.  Binding the dead to him as his bones stir once more Nagash, Lord of Undeath, rekindles his ancient vendetta against the world.  Drawing his lieutenants to him, the Quest of Nagash begins.  These are the End Times.

With the exciting new End Times story arc for Warhammer, we are planning to aid Nagash in the raising of a new army through a single-day, 24 hour army build in support of a charity that is near and dear to our hearts: Crohn’s and Colitis Canada, and we need you to help us!

When: The 24-Army Build begins at 5pm on Friday, September 12th and ends 24 hours later at 5pm on Saturday, September 13th.

What: We have secured through some promotional credit, and the generosity of our friends at Games Workshop, a giant stack of sealed miniatures from the Tomb Kings & Vampire Counts armies.  These will stay sealed until the beginning of the event, at which point all of our wonderful volunteers (you too hopefully!) will crack them open and begin assembling, painting, and basing models.  Our goal is to build a massive, and completely finished, Legions of the Undead army in a single day.  The bigger the better!

Who: Anyone that is willing to pitch in is welcome!  You don’t have to be a Warhammer player, or even a miniature gamer at all to participate, there will be plenty of jobs to do and we are willing to teach you if you’re willing to be put to work.  This will be a fun community-building experience as we all come together with a singular goal in mind.

For Charity: To help motivate us, and allow us to give back, we will be linking this event with a worthy charity: Crohn’s and Colitis Canada.  We will have information on these diseases available to help spread awareness, and we will be accepting donations 100% of which will be passed along to the foundation.  Donations can be for any specific amount, or they can be in the form of pledges based on how much we are able to complete.  Black Knight Games will be adding $25 to the pot for every 1000pts worth of Undead you help us finish!  Donations may be made in the store, or via PayPal using the button below, and we will be accepting donations from now until Sunday, September 14th.

So there are two ways that you can help out, and we would encourage you do either one, or even both if you are able!



Nagash2After we have all cooperated to complete a massive army for Nagash, the only thing that we can possibly do is fight it!  Join us the following day on Sunday, and face the newly risen horde!

When: Sunday, September 14th, 12:00pm

Bring: 1500pts of any army yo want to team up against Nagash.  These armies may use the Armies of the End Times rules in the new Nagash book (allows you to field 50% Lords and 50% Heroes)



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