Store Wars X-Wing

X-Wing SW Major

The X-Wing page on has been updated and includes full standings for the circuit as is.  With only one minor tournament left (at X-Planet this Saturday) we are about to enter Majors territory, where the points get bigger and so do the stakes!  The first X-Wing Major is in just under two weeks at Black Knight Games so be sure to put it on your calendar as there is still plenty of time to earn one of the Limited Edition Store Wars Mats (which go to the top 16 players) as well as a Free spot at X-Wing Canadian Nationals right here in Hamilton, and hosted by ourselves and the other Store Wars participating stores.  Looking at the standings it might only take attending a few Majors to qualify, so grab your Tie-Fighters and some eight sided X-Wing dice and join us on August 30th for the BKG Major!

Sat, Aug 30 BKG Store Wars Major 100pts $20.00 Major Store Wars Event, Registration:


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