Infinity: Call to Arms & ITS League

INF - Call to Arms 2013

Greetings everyone! Justin here, letting everyone know about the next Call to Arms event coming up in early August! The INFINITY CALL TO ARMS

What is the Call to Arms?
The Call to Arms is an event that is held at Black Knight Games, where people build, paint and participate in events within a specific time frame! Players are given 8 weeks to collect and paint a 300 point Infinity army!

How do I join?
Entrance is $70. Immediately after registering, you get $70 in store credit to spend on Infinity models or hobby supplies you may need for the challenge! For each person that joins, Black Knight Games will add $15 in store credit to the prize pool.

How do I win?
Show me a legal, fully painted and based 300 point list and attend two events. Once those are completed you will be given your share of the prize pool when the event finishes!

Is there more?
You are also automatically entered in to an ITS escalation league that’s for Call to Arms participants only! So on top of winning some credit for painting your army, you can also win some cool prizes by coming out on top of the league!

Can I use minis I already own?
Yes! You just need to show me that the models were not painted before the Call to Arms. Primed models are allowed.

The event will kick off August 12th, and Ends September 30th!

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