MTG: Modern Masters Draft

MTG Modern Masters Draft

This coming Saturday we will be running a special Modern Masters Draft event!  This will be a rare opportunity, as Modern Masters packs are very scarce, so be sure to take advantage while you can as space will be limited.

When: Saturday, July 19th, 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Entry Fee: $55.00 ($50.00 for Stronghold Members), which includes the three Modern Masters Booster Packs you will use in the draft.

Prize Pool: 2.5 Packs per person will be added to the prize pool.  Please note that these are normal packs, not Modern Masters packs.  Of course the real prize is getting a chance to crack some Modern Masters packs!

Capacity: Please note that there is very limited capacity, and only 32 spots are available.  Be sure to pre-register and pre-pay to reserve your spot!


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