X-Wing: Store Wars Minor this Saturday

Store Wars X-Wing

Store Wars is an organization of multiple stores in the Ontario region that get together and run tournaments circuits spanning many events and many stores.  Store Wars is proud to add X-Wing to our list of circuits, and this Saturday we have the first event in the Store Wars X-Wing circuit right here at Black Knight Games!  Here are the details:

When: Saturday, July 5th, 11:00am – 7:00pm

Entry Fee: $15.00

Points Value: 100pts

Rounds: Depends on attendance (8 players or less: 3 Rounds, 9-16 players: 4 Rounds, 17+ players: 5 Rounds), 75 minutes per round.

Prizes: All participants will receive points towards the Store Wars standings based on their results.  In addition store credit will be rewarded to the top 25% of players in the tournament based on attendance.

Store Wars: This is a Minor Store Wars event.  You can find out all about Store Wars on our website, and Facebook page.  There are six stores participating in the X-Wing circuit, an each store will have a Major and a Minor tournament.  Majors have a slightly higher entry fee, and earn you more points in the Standings.  The top 16 players in the Store Wars circuit will get Free Entry to the X-Wing Nationals event this year, as well as some other cool stuff.


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