WMH: On July 20th, Warcasters are Wild

WMH Warcasters are Wild

The Particular JudgeAlright Warmachine players, this coming month we’re going to be running a kind of ridiculous event.  As many of you know and some of you don’t, I’ve got a lot of history as a roleplaying game player.  I’ve got tons of neat characters modeled, painted, and sitting around from previous Iron Kingdoms and D&D campaigns.  I’ve decided they need warmachine stories.  More particularly, heroic victories and crushing defeats.  This is where you come in.  It’s time to go a little crazy and let the Warcasters run Wild…

When: Sunday, July 20th from 11am – 6pm

BringA 35 point army with a minimum of 5 warjack points included.  Do not bring a Warcaster, as a completely unbalanced, homebrewed by Tim Banky one will be supplied for you.

Entry Fee: $16 for Stronghold Members, $20 for non-stronghold members.  Register early, as this event will be limited to 16 participants.  Entry includes two drinks and a pizza lunch.  A small store-credit prize will be given out to the winner, but most of the entry fee collected will be handed out in prizes for completing achievements and secret objectives, door prizes, fully painted prizes, and other fun things like that.  We want to win games, but it’s understood that the Warcasters used will be relatively non-playtested and unbalanced.

How It Works: At the beginning of the day we’ll pick each player’s name from a hat.  In this random order, you’ll get to pick from a table of converted Warcasters/Warlock without knowing more about them than their names.  After picking a Warcaster you’ll get a scoresheet for the day and the stat cards for your Warcaster (including their special objective for each round).  Players will then playoff in a swiss-style tournament.  If you lose a round, after losing you have the option to STEAL the Warcaster who defeated you, forcing a trade with your opponent.

Click here for Score sheets we will be using:  2014 Achievement Sheet



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