BKG Auction & Anniversary Party

BKG Auction

Lucky Number 7!  Black Knight Games has now been open for seven years, and we thank you, our loyal customers, for every minute of it!  To help us celebrate we need you to join us for Fun, Cake, Games, Giveaways, and even an Auction!

When: Saturday, June 28th, All Day!

Bring: Whatever you want to play, yourself, and an appetite to eat some delicious birthday cake.

Giveaway Draws: Everyone that walks in the door on June 28th will get a free ballot for our Anniversary Party draws.  You will also get another ballot for every $10 you spend that day.  There will be several great prize draws, and you may put your ballots into any combination of ballot boxes.

Auction: The Silent portion of the auction begins at 1:00pm, where you will have the chance to examine the lots and place bids.  Any items with at least two bidders will progress to the Live auction at 2:00pm, those that don’t are sold to the sole bidder as long as it meets the reserve bit (if there is one).


In past years we have used the auction as a fun way to clean house a little bit, and to give our customers the opportunity for some great deals.  This year we want to extend that opportunity to you!  For the first time BKG will be allowing YOU to sell off some of your old stuff in the auction!  Here’s how it works:

  1. Bring in any items that you think might be worth selling, and that someone would want, by the deadline (Thursday, June 26th, 10:00pm)
  2. Items should be put into lots that might include one item, or many items of a certain type.  All auction lots should be worth at least $20 retail, new.  We reserve the right to refuse any lots that we do not deem appropriate, or worth selling.  Everything from a bag of miscellaneous bits to fully painted armies is welcome.
  3. You choose the Starting Bid value.  You may also opt to add a ‘Reserve Bid‘ value, which is a secret number that the auction must reach before it actually will be sold (for example you might set the Starting Bid at $20, and the Reserve Bid at $50.  If the highest bid was $43, the item would not actually be sold because it did not meet the reserve).  It is made known if an item has a Reserve Bid, but not what that number is.  Once the final bid has been placed it will be made known if the item met the Reserve.
  4. Any items that are sold will be processed by Black Knight Games, and the original owner will be compensated with an equal amount of Black Knight Games credit!
  5. Any items that do not sell, or don’t meet the Reserve Bid, will be returned to their owner.

So unload some of your old stuff, and turn it into BKG credit.  And be sure to check out all the great deals as well!

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