X-Wing: Assault on Imdaar Alpha

X-Wing Assault on Imdaar Alpha

Assault on Imdaar Alpha is a Pre-Release event for Wave 4 of Star Wars: X-Wing.  Assault on Imdaar Alpha is a tournament, and the winners of the event each get to take home a Wave 4 ship before they are released!

When: Sunday, June 1st, 12:00pm

Entry Fee: $10 ($8 for Stronghold Members)

Game Size: 100pts (bring both Rebels and Imperials because the final game is played by one of each, and uses the new ships – if you don’t have 100pt forces for one you may borrow some)

Prizes: Every participant will get a  Bandit Squadron Pilot special edition card.  The top 4 players will each take home one of the Wave 4 ships that were used in the final battle, with top place receiving the first choice.  Additional prizes may be provided depending on attendance.


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