Call to Arms: Warhammer 2014

WFB Call to Arms

Warhammer is enjoying a bit of a resurgence at Black Knight Games, and with the forthcoming Call to Arms for Warhammer there has never been a better time to join in!  Dust of some old minis, paint up some new ones, or pick up the game for the first and heed our Call to Arms!

Chaos WarriorWhat is a Call to Arms?

Call to Arms is our Army Building league format.    In a Call to Arms participants sign up, get an amount of store credit towards building their army, join in on some of the weekly events, and attempt to complete their new fully painted army by the deadline!  Its an amazing way to motivate yourself and to meet other players that are at the same stage of army-building as you.

Entry Fee: $150.00

You Get: $150.00 in store credit towards the army.  This credit can be used on anything that helps you get your army off the ground including miniatures, paints, glues and other hobby materials, or rule books.

NagashVictory Pool: In addition to the credit towards building your army Black Knight Games will put $30 into a Victory Pool to be split by those that complete their army in time!  That’s right just for signing up we will throw an incentive at the end of the road to keep you motivated – after all, you don’t want the others to get YOUR prize do you!?!?  In addition to completing the army by the deadline all participants are required to attend at least two of the eight Call to Arms events (although you are encouraged to attend more if able!).

Deadline: Participants that complete their legal 1500pt Warhammer army by Sunday, July 20th, 1:00pm will earn an even split of the Victory Pool.

The Army: Armies must begin the Call to Arms unpainted.  Any unpainted miniatures are eligible to be used, including those that you own, however if you plan on using any miniatures you already own you must prove they are unpainted by showing them to the staff, or sending us a picture.  The army must be a legal 1500pt force.

Call to Arms Events:  Every week we will have a Call to Arms event.  These events will be open to all participants, and often to other players as well.  There will be a nice variety of events including hobby, gaming and contests, some of which will have prizes!  These events are a great way to keep your focus, and to get to know other Warhammer gamers!



Event 1: Armies Assemble – Saturday, May 24th, 12:00pm
Join us for a day of hanging out and assembling and/or painting.  Get a jump start on your army, share tips, and see who else is in the Call to Arms with you!



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