Board Game Day

Board Game Day May

Join us on Saturday, May 3rd for a day of Board Gaming!  All day long at Black Knight Games we will be playing all sorts of great games.

Register a Game:

If there is a specific game that you love playing, but often have a hard time assembling enough people to play (like Twilight Imperium, Battlestar Galactica or Diplomacy for example) you can register the game with us, and we will add a sign up sheet on our billboard to get players to sign-up for vacant spots.  Likewise be sure to check out the in store signup lists to see if any of the available games appeal to you!

Play Pick-Up Games:

There will be plenty of great games available just to pick up and play, and plenty of players looking for games.  So be sure to show up even if you haven’t pre-registered for any games!  We have a huge board game selection, and players are more than welcome to bring their own games too!

Leftover Promos:

We have a pile of leftover promos and goodies remaining from our massive Table Top Day last month – and we would love to find a way to give them to some deserving gamers!  Join us for a chance at some free goodies!

If you enjoyed our International Table-Top Day event last month (and if you attended you probably did because it was a blast!) then this is the event for you!  Join us for more board gaming, and help us keep the board game scene at BKG thriving!!!

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