Tabletop Day

UPDATE 2:34pm

Lots of people playing all kinds of games!  We’ve got a DUST tournament going on, games of Manhattan, Munchkin, Castle Panic, Carcassonne, Magic, Dominion and Pandemic happening as I write this.  And if you need more convincing look at all the prizes!  Everything in the following picture is something we want to give away to Black Knight Gamers just for playing here today (click to enlarge):

TTD Prizes1


It’s Tabletop Day!  Join us all day from 10am-10pm for a day full of gaming.  We have SO MANY awesome prizes to give away, including small items like buttons, card expansions, and posters, to big items like complete board games and the only thing you need to do to get them is PLAY!

There are already a ton of people here playing all kinds of games, so be sure to join the fun on gaming’s new holiday!

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