WMH: Scars of Caen – Charsaug

WMH Scars of CaenStarting Thursday, January 20th Black Knight Games will be hosting a league of divided loyalties and epic proportions.  Charsaug, Season 1 of a league that will span this year, asks players to choose a loyalty within their faction, to either the purity playing in the spirit of that faction, or the opportunistic glory of winning at all costs.  The Dragon around which this league is themed has a particular affinity for fire, so you’ll notice the league models are all described as “Charred” and many of the scenarios deal either with fire or lighting things on fire.

WhenThursdays, starting March 20th and running until Thursday, April 24th.  You’re welcome to play league games during the week, but make sure you record them and report them to your Team Captain.

CostThis league is free!

Prizes:  (Pictured right) League participants to play a minimum of five reported games will receive an awesome patch that can be attached to a Warmachine Bag or carrying case by peeling off the back sticker.  Show some nice bling when you go out to play, at a convention, another store, or just with your friends!

Top ranked players on each team (more on that in a moment) will also receive either a Purist or Opportunist medallion.  These sexy medals are also themed around the league and will reward players to earn as many hobby point and game points as possible throughout the Charsaug league.  All hobby points and game points earned are totalled at the end of the league.

Teams?  That’s right!  Team Opportunist will be headed up by local Press Ganger Tim Banky (Timtheenchanter) and Team Purist will be headed up by local Press Ganger Matt Clark (Mr. Golden Deal).  Let either of them know what team you’ll be playing for.  During games, different scenarios reward different factions, and each team has different goal to earn.

Look forward to posts on the forums and on our front page here from the Captains of each team (and maybe some of their lieutenants too!)

Overall Rules

Scenarios and Achievements 

League Models


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