Call to Arms: Warhammer 40,000

40K Call to Arms 2014

sm BK WH40KWhen: Today, Monday, January 20th

Deadline: Sunday, March 16th, 12:00pm, where there will be a finale day of gaming.

Entry Fee: $150.00

You Get: $170.00 worth of miniatures for the army.  You can put this credit towards anything that helps you get the army finished, including paint, tools, flock, etc.  Just by signing up you get a deal!

Victory Conditions:  It is the goal of all participants to complete a 1000 point Warhammer 40,000 army  from scratch, and get comfortable playing it for league or tournaments.  If you finish painting your army by the deadline and attend a minimum of two Call to Arms Events you’ll get a percentage of the Victory Pool.  There will be about one Call to Arms event each week.

Victory Pool:  Black Knight Games will put $10 per participant in to a Victory Pool.  This pool will be split evenly among the participants that complete the victory conditions by the deadline.

Crews:  Crews must be a legal 1000pt Warhammer 40,000 force.  The miniatures used for the army may be new (either from your entry fee start-up, or bought separately) or they may be miniatures you already have.  If you wish to use miniatures you already owned before the Call to Arms began you must show the BKG staff that they are not yet painted (either in person or send us a picture).

Call to Arms Events:  Each week Matt P, the Standard Bearer, will run Call to Arms events (on a mixture of days).  The primary focus of these events will be putting armies together and getting more familiar with the game, but we’ll also be doing some gaming events and painting events as well.  Each participant must attend at least two Call to Arms events before the deadline to satisfy the victory conditions, including the finale.  Call to Arms events give you a great opportunity to meet, play, and paint with other gamers at BKG.  Together we will motivate each other to get these armies done!

Linear Obstacle

Illustration07CLEANEvent 1: Build & Paint

When: Sunday, January 26th, 12:00pm

Open to: All, not just participants of Call to Arms

Details: Join Matt in a painting and assembling get-together.  Participants and others not in the Call to Arms are welcomed to a sit down to build and paint their armies, and friendly taunt other players. Also a good chance for new players to sit down and build with game vets to learn how to better use the force they have chosen and paint techniques

Event 2: Open Fire!

When:  Saturday, February 8th, 7:00pm (after the Warhammer Tournament)

Open to:  Participants of Call to Arms

Details:  Small skirmishes of 500 point battles tournament. Participants will take part if they chose to in a small tournament. Learn in this small skirmish battles to see how you fare against other players armies.  The top player will get a $10.00 BKG Credit!

i_want_you_by_maltgrqmaxEvent 3: Hero Battle Royal

When: Sunday, February 16th, 12:00pm

Open to:  Participants of Call to Arms

Details:  Hero Battle Royal. Participants will Battle one on one with their choice of independent character! The winner gets a $10.00 BKG Credit!

Event 4: Elite Painter

When: Sunday, February 23rd. 12:00pm

Open to:  Participants of Call to Arms

Details:  Join Matt for a painting contest.  Bring in any one unpainted unit, tank, or character, and paint it up!  At the end all participants will vote on their favorite paint job and the winner will get a $10.00 BKG Credit!

to_serve_and_protect_by_maltgrqmaxEvent 5: Double Blind Skirmish

When:  Sunday, March 2nd, 12:00pm

Open to:  All, not just participants of Call to Arms

Details:  Participants will be given a new partner for every round and they will battle another double 1000pts team.  Each player will account for the scores. For example: Only one player may take slay the warlord but all can claim line breaker!  The winner will get a $10.00 BKG Credit!

Event 6: Last Minute Scramble

When:  Thursday, March 13th, 5:30pm

Open to:  All, not just participants of Call to Arms

Details:  The Call to Arms ends in only three days!  Get the last of the army painted up along with others – or just taunt those that haven’t finished yet – the choice is yours!

Event 4: Finale & Showdown

When: Sunday, March 16th, 12:00pm

Open to:  Participants of Call to Arms

Details:  It’s all over but the crying!  Bring in your fully painted army and join in for the Final Showdown.  Gaze with pride as your freshly painted troops drive your enemies before you, and collect your share of the victory pool!  In addition the top player will win a $10.00 BKG Credit!

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