Store Wars!!!

Store Wars

Good day everyone,

We would like to announce something truly exciting. I say we, because in an unprecedented move, several stores have decided to work together and create a gaming circuit for the New Year, and the first game we are going to spotlight is Warmachine and Hordes!

We are calling the circuit Store Wars, and the idea is to unite the communities of our various stores and put up a series of tournaments that culminates in one Grand Tournament, where amazing prizes will be offered. Each store will hold one Major and one Minor tournament whereby players that participate score points. The top 32 players at the end of the circuit will then be invited to enter the Grand Tournament (for free!) to compete for some truly great prizes from their favorite store!

Below, in alphabetical order, we have a list of all of us that are cooperating to make this happen.

Black Knight Games
Forbes Hobbies
Hobby Kingdom
X Planet Games

To find out more details regarding this event, please check out our Facebook page!

We hope that we will see a lot of you come out and play, and we look forward to this becoming an ongoing event. From all of us thank you for taking the time to read this!

~The Store Wars Team

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