Blood Bowl Season 4!

Blood Bowl Season 4

“Bob Biffered here to cover the Commissioner Awesome’s press conference. “
BB – “Commissioner when can we expect the next blood bowl season to start?”
CA– “Well Bob that’s why I called you here, season 4 will kick off January 18th the week after our rookie tournement has wrapped up!”
BB – “Who will be allowed into the league this year?”
CA – “Any coach who is brave enough to bring their team into this league will be allowed to play as long as thier league dues are paid!”
BB- “What can we expect this season?”
CA – “More Blood, More Touch Downs, after all we are the best league in Southern Ontario!”

Sign up Deadline: January 15th

Season Begins: January 18th

Entry Fee: $15.00 ($10.00 if you have your own pitch).  Every participant will get a custom BKBBL Blood Bowl Passing Template.

Season Structure: Season 4 will follow the same structure as Season 3.  Coaches will be divided in to divisions.  Each coach will have an assigned opponent each week and will have two weeks to get their game in.  The top teams will make the playoffs, and the final two players will play for the championship on a custom pitch – the winner of which gets to keep it!

League Site: The BKBBL has a website that tracks all matches and teams:


Blood Bowl Rookie Tournament

The Blood Bowl Rookie Tournament is the last opportunity to fine-tune your team before Season 4 begins.  The tournament is open to any team that hasn’t played in the regular seasons in the past – it does not have to be the team you plan on using in Season 4.

When: Saturday, January 11th, 11:00am – 7:00pm

Entry Fee: FREE!

Winner Gets: 100k for their team.

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